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Gold Values Today | Daily Gold Prices and News

Bullion Vault

  • Silver vs. Gold Investing
    Facts, figures, pros and cons for choosing or adding silver to gold... SILVER INVESTING is often seen as merely an offshoot of the gold market, writes Adrian Ash at BullionVault. If you like gold's trajectory, or so the theory runs, y…
    - 15 days ago, 12 Aug 14, 2:09pm -
  • Numb to Risk, Oblivious to Gold
    Gold investing isn't needed now money managers are cocooned from risk by zero-rate dope... SO WE know the financial crisis blew in on a blizzard of cocaine, writes Adrian Ash at BullionVault. But what are traders snorting today – he…
    - 26 days ago, 1 Aug 14, 4:05pm -
  • 100 Years to the Day Since the Gold Standard Died
    Gold Standard payments through London look awfully like US Dollar clearing a century later... GOLD loves nothing if not irony, writes Adrian Ash at BullionVault. And here, 100 years to the day after the approach of World War I killed…
    - 34 days ago, 24 Jul 14, 12:35am -
  • Gold Price Bears Half-Wrong in Mid-2014
    Higher interest rates & rising equities must mean gold prices fall. Right...? GOLD was a universal "sell" for professional analysts at New Year, writes Adrian Ash at BullionVault. Losing 30% in 2013, the gold price faced the long-awai…
    - 40 days ago, 18 Jul 14, 5:50pm -
  • London Gold "Fix" No More
    Too old to get any respect, the London Gold Fix is set to change... The GOLD FIX is a centre-piece of the London bullion market, heart of the world's precious metal trade, writes Adrian Ash at BullionVault. The current Gold Fixing pro…
    - 42 days ago, 16 Jul 14, 3:37pm -

The Gold Economy

  • Investing By Understanding The Price Of Silver
    It is important to look up what is the price of silver on the trading websites, before you start to invest in silver. This investment will provide your portfolio with the much-needed diversification, as it has excellent growth prospects which can yie…
    - -
  • Comparing the Price of Silver vs. Gold
    The price of silver today is quoted in many websites in the spot market in terms of troy ounces. You can convert it into any other measures such as grams, as 1 troy ounce equals 31 grams. When considering the price of silver vs. gold, silver is more…
    - -
  • Who fixes what is the price of Palladium per gram
    If you are interested in the field of investment in precious metals, you are probably asking what is the price of palladium per gram, in order to know the current price. The price of palladium can be availed at various websites, where they give the p…
    - -
  • Auto Sales Drive up the Price of Platinum
    There is a growing demand for platinum in emerging markets leading to an increasing price for this precious metal. This trend actually started many years back and today platinum is responsible for one third of the jewelry market demand. The strong gr…
    - -
  • A Keen Watch on the Price of Platinum per Ounce today
    Historically, gold has always been the investor’s choice, but with the price of platinum per ounce today rising steadily, it makes sense to invest in this rare and precious metal. Unlike gold, platinum has industrial uses in catalytic convertors in…
    - -

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Gold Industry Today

    The Gold Report

      World Gold Council

      • Global gold demand continues to recalibrate in Q2 2014 after an exceptional 2013
        The latest World Gold Council Gold Demand Trends report, covering the period April – June 2014, shows that global gold demand continues to demonstrate a return to long-term trends after an exceptional year in 2013. Total global gold demand in Q…
        - 13 days ago, 13 Aug 14, 11:00pm -
      • Emmy Kondo joins the World Gold Council jewellery team
        The World Gold Council, the market development organisation for the gold industry, has appointed Emmy Kondo to fulfil a strategic business development role within the jewellery team. Emmy will be focusing her attention on the online community LoveGol…
        - 50 days ago, 7 Jul 14, 11:00pm -
      • World Gold Council forum discusses reform or replacement of the Gold Fix
        The World Gold Council, the market development organisation for the gold industry, today convened a roundtable debate to discuss how to modernise the London Gold Fix.The meeting was attended by 34 delegates representing all parts of the industry…
        - 51 days ago, 6 Jul 14, 11:00pm -
      • Singapore Kilobar Gold - first in the world to trade on exchange platform
        At the annual London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) Bullion Market Forum held for the first time in Singapore today, Mr Lim Hng Kiang, Minister for Trade and Industry, announced a new exchange-traded Singapore Kilobar Gold Contract[1] (“Contract…
        - 63 days ago, 24 Jun 14, 11:00pm -
      • Investors adding liquid alternatives to their portfolios should consider gold
        New York June 19, 2014 – The most liquid of all ‘liquid alts’, one of a series of papers published today by the World Gold Council, highlights how gold exhibits the characteristics of liquid alternatives (or ‘liquid alts’)  without many of…
        - 69 days ago, 18 Jun 14, 11:00pm -

      Gold Futures Dip As Dollar Strengthens

      SYDNEY(MarketWatch) — Gold futures edged lower in electronic trading Friday, as the dollar strengthened and took some of the shine off metals-buying.

      Gold for August delivery GC1Q +0.08% dropped 80 cents, or 0.1%, to $1,542.10 an ounce on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange during Asian trading hours.

      Silver tracked gold lower, with the July contract SI1N +0.12% losing 7 cents, or 0.2%, to $37.35 an ounce. Read >>

      What Is Gold?

      Gold is many things: It’s pretty, it’s reluctantly used by central banks as a reserve, it’s resistant to chemicals, and it’s overvalued. It is, in the current situation, not a good short. Read >>

      Investors Selling Gold After Record Highs

      Gold declined in New York as some investors sold the metal after prices this week climbed to a one-month high and near a record.

      Gold futures this week traded within 1.5 percent of the all-time high. Prices were little changed yesterday after the European Central Bank signaled its approval of Greek bond rollovers. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke yesterday said the “frustratingly slow” U.S. recovery warrants sustained monetary stimulus while predicting that growth will gain speed in the second half of the year. Read >>

      Gold Down On Selling Pressure

      Gold dropped under $1540 per ounce, witnessing persistent selling pressure after failing to hold on above $1550 yesterday.

      The stock markets were mixed around the world with a bearish bias and Gold was looking weak on profit selling pressure and slightly overbought technical cues. Crude oil prices dropped as well and traders covered their recent longs in Gold as the US dollar came off its lows. Read >>

      Gold Keeps Gaining

      Gold gained for a third consecutive day in London trading, among continued concern about Europe’s debt crisis coupled with signs of a slowing US economy and a weakening dollar, all spurring demand for gold as an alternative investment. Read >>

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